2020 New Products

Don’t miss the new products launching for 2020, each of them will sell. This is how we keep oursel ves fresh andkeep our distributors hungry. Help us make these products POP again in market. Thank you.

Top 20 For America

To better communicate what you can expect and to better cater for your varying expectations, needs and budgets, there are now TOP 20 most popular products in three categories: Premium, Superior and Classic. This offers greater clarity and helps you (our visitors) get all information that are on offe.

USA Consumer Fireworks
CE Consumer Fireworks
Professional Fireworks

About Us

Mcfireworks is a high quality product design brand. "More Color, More Choice" is our mission to our valued customers. We have our own factory, a special machinery-centered production line, to supply the stable and high quality products to our customers efficiently.

Fireworks Academy

Fireworks Academy is the place that gives you the latest news as well as useful knowledge about fireworks, science technology and social life.We provide basic information about fireworks, including the history of fireworks, some frequently asked questions, lists of books and videos and collections of photos! You can learn about the science behind the chemical reactions that occur in fireworks. Learn how fireworks are created and what is used to make them, how colors are created and how your favorite fireworks effects.

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